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Your Official Travel Guide of Things to do in Mazatlan.

A Guide to Eating Gluten Free in Mazatlan

Sophia Boccard

Guide to Gluten Free dining in Mexico

Traveling to Mazatlan and gluten averse? Generally speaking Mexican food is heavily corn based. However, because Mazatlan’s cuisine has strong French influences, it’s always best to ask the waiter if the dish is made with harina (white flour) or maseca (corn flour) when dining out. 

To simplify your choices, we’ve put together a list of items that are generally gluten-free (but as always, double check before ordering!).



First rule of thumb while getting breakfast in Mexico:

Always aim for corn-based meals, such as chilaquiles, a tortilla chip dish generally served for breakfast with eggs, or opt for meats like lengua (cow tongue) and machaco (dried shredded beef). Standards such as huevos rancheros are also served with corn tortillas.

Photo: David Boté Estrada (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Photo: David Boté Estrada (CC BY-SA 4.0)

What about lunchtime?

Lunch tends to get a bit more complex (hello, burritos!). Burritos are made with white flour and are NOT gluten free. In fact, burritos hail from America and are more Tex-Mex than Mexican. Tortas are often confused with the word tostada. Tortas are sandwiches made with bread, while tostadas are fried corn tortillas with delicious toppings. Because the names can appear similar, make sure you know which you are ordering.

Quesadillas are also another item that are generally flour based outside of Mexico. Depending on the restaurant and the amount of tourists that frequent the establishment, quesadillas could be made with flour or corn tortillas. It’s always safer to ask prior to ordering.

Image CC by  mccun934

Image CC by mccun934

Now for dinner – what should I get?

Tacos, tacos, tacos. Some of the best meals you’ll ever have are from street vendors or restaurants serving tacos. Made with corn, you can never go wrong with ordering a bunch of tacos and filling them up with pico de gallo and fresh pureed salsas to round out the evening. 



And now for the best meal of the day…

Gluten-free desserts are more difficult to find, since most cookies and pastries are made with flour in Mexico. Flan is probably the most iconic Mexican sweet to order, and you can’t go wrong with the Mexican version of the French crème brulee or Italian panna cota. 

Looking for specific gluten-free products, such as flour mixes or chocolate chip cookies shipped in from Canada or the United States? These three locations may carry what you’re looking for: 

Mercado Verde

Avenida de la Marina, Local 24e, Esquina Manuel Capetillo


Avenida del Delfín, Hacienda Del Mar

Comercial Mexicana

Calz Rafael Buelna Tenorio 128

9 Articles of the Mexican Constitution Worth Learning About

Sophia Boccard

tips for romantic weekend in mazatlan

On February 5, 1917, the Mexican Constitutional Congress approved and signed into effect the Mexican Constitution that today, still stands exactly as it did 101 years ago. What started as a social and cultural movement led to a violent Revolution that claimed many lives. Today, the date the Constitution went into effect is celebrated with many businesses, government offices, postal services, and schools closing-down for a three-day holiday weekend that includes festivals and street celebrations. We’ve called out some of the most significant Articles that helped frame the social and political backdrop for Mexico today. Let’s get your Mexican history on!

biking in mazatlan


Article 1 can be summed as giving the rights that are listed in the Constitution, outlawing slavery and protection from all types of discrimination, to every single Individual in Mexico. 

Article 3 is a long one, but it’s one of the most important elements that helped shape the Mexican government to allow for education to be church-free. The standard of education shall allow that education be “maintained entirely apart from any religious doctrine and, based on the results of scientific progress, shall strive against ignorance and its effects, servitudes, fanaticism, and prejudices.”

A fair trial is a requirement under Article 14 that lists “No person shall be deprived of life, liberty, property, possessions, or rights without a trial by a duly created court in which the essential formalities of procedure are observed and in accordance with laws issued prior to the act.”

Relatos e Historias de Mexico

Relatos e Historias de Mexico

Cruel and unusual punishment is prohibited, according to Article 22. Specifically, penalties of death, mutilation, infamy, marks, physical punishments, torments, excessive fines, and even confiscation of assets are all abolished.

As long as each person does not constitute an offense punishable by law, Article 24 states that every individual is “free to embrace the religion of his choice and to practice all ceremonies, devotions, or observances of his respective faith, either in places of public worship or at home”. 

Uniquely a Mexican right, Article 27 states that the government has the right to seize property for the good of the nation. This led to the creation of ejidos, a piece of land farmed communally under a system supported by the state, and thus allowing individual community members to farm and own said land.

100 Aniversario de la Promulgación de la Constitución Política de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos

100 Aniversario de la Promulgación de la Constitución Política de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos

In order to be elected minister of the Supreme Court of Justice, according to Article 95, the individual must be a Mexican citizen by birth and not be over 65 or less than 35 at the time of his or her election.

Article 123 gave workers the right to strike, receive a day’s rest per week, work a maximum of eight-hours each day, and be given the right to equal pay for equal work, regardless of sex or nationality.  

Article 130 helped separate church and state, and restricts churches from having any kind of legal status. It denies individual ministers and the church from any right to vote or freedom of speech, preventing the religious entities from criticizing the law or government.

A Coastal Affair: Tips for a Romantic Weekend in Mazatlan

Sophia Boccard

tips for romantic weekend in mazatlan

We like to call Mazatlan the Paris of Mexico because we consider it the “Mexican City of Love.” Beauty stems from the beaches and the colonial historical center; our gastronomy, ‘Cuisine Mazatleca’ and fresh produces farmed right outside the city; to the people and the malecon (boardwalk). With live music every night, laughter, dancing, singing and a bit of romance, it’s easy to see why Mazatlan is the Paris of Mexico.

If a romantic getaway is something that is on your mind, and Paris is too far away, look no further than Mazatlan and check out some of our suggestions for creating your romantic getaway.

romance in mazatlan

If a romantic getaway is something that is on your mind, and Paris is too far away, look no further than Mazatlan and check out some of our suggestions for creating your romantic getaway.

Photo:  Casa 46

Photo: Casa 46

EATING: Mazatlan’s gastronomy is an understated aspect of our culture. Noted with having some of the best seafood and beef in all of Mexico, it’s easy to see why dining out is a must-do when in town. Splurge at El Presidio and get a fabulous steak in the beautiful courtyard area, or visit Lucila’s Restaurant for a delicious dinner for two with an order of ceviche de la casa and a bottle of wine, or head to La Bahia for a relaxed vibe in a very small, yet intimate courtyard and share some shrimps dishes.

biking in mazatlan

ACTIVITIES: Enjoy a romantic picnic at any of the beaches located along Mazatlan’s 20 k.m. of coastline. From Olas Altas to Nuevo Mazatlan, there’s bound to be an area of beach that fits your needs. Interested in a more heart-pumping, adrenaline-filled outing? Go zip-lining at Huana Coa, or visit the Golden Zone for parasailing lessons.

mazatlan boardwalk

SCENERY: Take a stroll on the malecon, the longest boardwalk in all of Latin America spanning 8 k.m. Not up for the entire length? Take a pulmonia to a specific section and walk back to your original location.  If you want a more relaxing atmosphere, head to Casa Lucila’s infinity pool and catch the mesmerizing sunrise  sunset while wading in the pool by your partner’s side.

Holiday Shopping Ideas for the Bold Traveler in Your Life

Catherine Workman

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

If you have a friend or family member that can be described as travel junkie, you know that they are always looking for ways to make their journeys safer, more comfortable, more exciting, and more memorable. Travel is a hobby that can be greatly improved if you have the right stuff. Here’s how you can make this holiday season a good one for the hardcore traveler on your shopping list.

Something to give them peace of mind

Probably the best thing you can give a frequent traveler is some peace of mind regarding the situation back home while they are away. Whether they leave pets behind or simply worry about the safety and security of their home, you can help put their mind at ease with the gift of a smart security camera. This will not only make their home smarter, but it will also allow them to check up on it from afar, as modern home security cameras are often linked up via smartphone app.

Something to keep them safe

If your traveling loved-one is adventurous, there’s a decent chance that they will wind up in a location without potable water. If that’s the case, they’re going to need to drink bottled/filtered water in order to stay safe. Some of the best water bottle options are those that are lightweight and portable (maybe even collapsible) for filling with filtered water or perhaps bottles that actually do the filtering for you. Check out some of the best options here.

Another option to help protect your loved-one’s health is a great pair of compression socks. These may not be the sexiest of gifts, but they help travelers with blood flow and prevent the development of a rare but deadly condition that travelers can get called a deep vein thrombosis.

Something to help them stay entertained during long travel

Even the most experienced traveler can get incredibly bored when doing the actual traveling part of their adventures - the flying, bus riding, waiting in airports, etc. One of the best gifts you can give a frequent traveler is something that will occupy their down time. One option is a portable gaming system like the Nintendo Switch or PS Vita. Another is an e-reader so they can take a handful of books with them without actually having to pack a handful of books. If you have a higher shopping budget, a proper tablet can provide gaming, reading, and video streaming. Here’s a good list of the best tablets and e-readers currently on the market.

Something that will make their phone more useful

Travel is one of those hobbies where you may need to fancy up your smartphone with a case that’s designed to do something special. There are now smartphone cases that serve as a backup battery, protect your phone underwater, serve as its own stand for movie watching, double as a wallet/passport holder, and even grip your phone and turn it into a more traditional camera. Check out some cool options here.

Something to help them keep track of all those cords

If you’re a modern traveler with a lot of modern equipment, then the amount of cords you’ll be carrying on any given trip can become maddening. An inexpensive but incredibly useful gift for a frequent traveler is a nice cord organizer or roll. Here are some good choices.

It can be hard to shop for a jetsetter, especially if you’re not a huge traveler yourself. It’s a whole different world - literally. If you think about gift-buying as a way to make their travels safer, more comfortable, and more convenient, you’ll be well on your way to finding the perfect holiday gift.

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Our Top 5 Favorite Instagram Accounts To Follow in Mazatlan

Sophia Boccard

With so many Instagram accounts to check out (as of May 2017 there are over 700 million monthly active Instagrammers), it’s so easy to get lost on the best Instagram accounts to follow when trying to follow local businesses in a new city. Here in Mazatlan we have countless of businesses that we want to call out and feature but we decided to dwindle it down to our top five faves. Check our friends out and make sure to give them a follow! 

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Who Is the Virgin of Guadalupe, and What Makes Her Day So Special?

Sophia Boccard

The story has continued to cause awe, and it has inspired believers to the Catholic faith and continues to be celebrated on December 12 every year. The site of the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico continues to be the most visited Catholic pilgrimage site in the world, as well as the world’s third most-visited sacred site.

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14 Monumental Events from Mexico’s Revolutionary War

Sophia Boccard

Revolution Day in Mexico is celebrated every year on November 20 to commemorate the official start of the Revolutionary War to overthrow dictator Porfirio Diaz. The revolution itself spanned 10 years, from 1910 to 1920, and led to the signing in of the Constitution in 1917. The Revolution of 1910-1920 helped shape Mexico’s fundamental direction as a country and her government. It’s important to note 17 of the most significant events that took place during this time that led to its conclusion.

1. General Porfirio Díaz had been in power for more than 30 years (1876-1911) and was known to lead with an iron fist. During his tenure, Mexico grew railroads, increased foreign capital, and maintained political stability. However, peasants and labor workers began to fight back, and soon, there was political unrest.

2. Ricardo Flores Magon created the Mexican Liberal Party on September 28, 1905 to help defend the two sectors.

3. A particular strike of miners on June 1, 1906 in the Cananea mine in Sonora became known as the Cananea Massacre after conflicts between the miners and many American cavalry caused 22 fatalities.

4. Francisco I. Madero, born from a wealthy family from Coahuila, founded the Anti Reelectionist Party 1909 and was selected to run for President during the elections of 1910.

5. On June 6, 1909, Francisco I. Madero was imprisoned for “inciting rebellion and offending the authorities,” and taken to a prison in San Luis Potosi.

6. On November 20, 1910 Madero fled from prison and called for a National Insurrection, declaring the electoral process in which Diaz won again, invalid and fraudulent.

7. Puebla, Coahuila, Chihuahua and Sonora were the first states to lead the uprising.

8. Francisco “Pancho” Villa led the charge in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua with Pascual Orozco. Here, Madero set up his provisional government. Porfirio Diaz resigned and fled the country.

Pancho Villa. By Bain News Service, publisher. Photographer is unknown. Public domain.

Pancho Villa. By Bain News Service, publisher. Photographer is unknown. Public domain.

9. New elections took place in 1911 with Francisco Madero becoming the newly elected President of Mexico. 

10. Victoriano Huerta, appointed by former Porfirist generals to lead a military coup at the Mexican capital, participated in the Ten Tragic Days – a series of events that took place over ten days from the coup d’état to the assassination of Madero and his Vice President Jose Maria Pino Suarez on February 22, 1913.

11. Huerta led Mexico as a reported self-serving dictator for only a short time. Prior to his exile, revolutionary armies continued to grow their movement with Emiliano Zapata, Pancho Villa, Alvaro Obregon and Venustiano Carranza leading their respective charges.

12. With the promulgation of a new revolutionary Mexican Constitution in 1917, Venustiano Carranza was elected president, serving from 1917 to 1920.

Emiliano Zapata.  Wikipedia

Emiliano Zapata. Wikipedia

13. The Constitutionalist Army was renamed the Mexican National Army with the first order of business to eliminate threats, particularly Emiliano Zapata, who was assassinated in 1919.

14. As Carranza’s appointed commander of the revolutionary forces and his minister of war, Alvaro Obregón betrayed Carranza and launched a revolt against him leading to his assassination; he won the subsequent election with overwhelming support and was President of Mexico from 1920-1924, by which time the Revolutionary War had already ended.

Mazatlán Transformed: It 'Needed a Shake-up’

Sophia Boccard

retire to mazatlan

This story originally appeared on

Governor says beach destination is getting a new urban image

Mexico News Daily | Thursday, November 2, 2017

The Pacific coast city of Mazatlán is undergoing a much-needed transformation, according to the Sinaloa state governor, one that will include hosting Mexico’s premier tourism event in 2018.

Quirino Ordaz Coppel made the observation at a lead-up tourism industry event yesterday where he also handed out awards to 13 commercial and media partners in recognition of their work to promote and support the destination.

“You are watching the transformation that Mazatlán is undergoing because we’re interested in giving a new face, a new urban image [to the city] because it needed a real shake-up,” he said.

Ordaz added that the city’s mayor and residents were also key contributors to the process.

He told the dozens of tourism operators and promoters present that he looked forward to seeing them again next year at Mexico’s most important tourism event, the Tianguis Turístico that will be held in Mazatlán from April 16 to 19.

International tourism to the destination is up over 8% this year, according to state Tourism Secretary Marco Antonio Garcia, and more than half a million tourists visited the destination during the summer period, a 13% increase over last year’s figures.

More international direct flights are arriving in the city, especially on a seasonal basis, and several new hotels are currently under construction including Courtyard by Marriott, Radisson Park Inn and an Ibis hotel, according to the Mazatlán Tourist Board.

The city’s historic center is also experiencing a resurgence and some visitors are including visits to the state’s magical towns on their itineraries.

The former CEO of the Mexican Tourism Board agreed with the governor’s remarks, adding that it was something that was long needed in the port city that is sometimes referred to as the Pearl of the Pacific.

“This is an admirable story that we need to communicate to the whole world and through you, who are our commercial partners [and] our allies, we ask that you help us communicate this great event that is happening in Mazatlán,” Rodolfo López Negrete said.

The director of Best Day Travel, which won an award for its internet-based travel agency services, said the new face of Mazatlán made it capable of competing against any other tourism destination in the country, adding that the beach city had become one of the company’s top sellers.

“. . . Today it’s practically at the same level as Los Cabos,” Julián Balbuena said.

Source: Milenio (sp), PR Web (en)

Mazatlán will be a stop on the PGA TOUR Latinoamérica Tournament

Sophia Boccard

retire to mazatlan

Pack your bags, it's official! PGA TOUR Latinoamerica Tournament will be stopping at the Estrella del Mar Golf & Beach Resort in Mazatlan, Mexico from January 16-19, 2018.

The other three sites on the tour are: Mission Inn Resort and Club in Howie-In-The-Hills, Florida (January 9-12), Los Lagartos in Bogota, Colombia (January 23-26) and Pilará Golf Club in Buenos Aires, Argentina (January 30-February 2). Entrance fees for each qualifying site is US $2,000 per player.

Application to participate in the PGA TOUR Latinoamerica Qualifying Tournaments will open November 21, 2017. Membership is awarded at each of the venues to the top-35 finishers. They anticipate that each of the four qualifying tournaments will have 120 players for membership.

“We are always excited to announce our Qualifying Tournaments because it means our next season is fast approaching. The Qualifying Tournaments every year identify players who may later go on to big years,” said PGA TOUR Latinoamérica President Jack Warfield. “I expect our 2018 Qualifying Tournaments will be no different, and I’m looking forward to watching the next group of players on PGA TOUR Latinoamérica.”

Can’t-Miss Race: Gran Maraton Pacifico

Sophia Boccard

Instagram:  @mazatlan_interactivo

If your running shoes are the first things tossed into your travel bag, why not participate in a race while on the road?  The Gran Maraton Pacifico takes place in Mazatlan every year around November or December, and there is no better time to run in our coastal town than at the start of its perfect weather. This year’s race is on December 2 and 3, 2017, and registration is limited to the first 6,500 entrants.

According to Worlds Marathons, the Gran Maraton Pacifico is rated one of the top ten marathons in the world for its ideal landscape, warm weather and international presence. If running is your thing, start making plans now for your trip down to Mazatlan for the race!

Instagram:  @voltarealtraining

Instagram: @voltarealtraining

Here are some facts to know about the race:

DIFFICULTY: The course of the marathon stretches down Mexico’s longest coastal boulevard.

HIGHLIGHTS: It is run with a backdrop of breathtaking ocean views and sunny terrain.

Instagram: @gatogc

Instagram: @gatogc

OVERVIEW: The course takes the runners through Arranque Y Meta Estadio De Beisbol, Playa Delfin, Playa Brujas and Monumento Al Pescador. The course is certified by AIMS, IAAF and FMA.

Local to Mazatlan? Start a team or join one like Café Race Runners or get training with Volta Real Training.

Going to the event? Make sure to hashtag this year's marathon using #granmaratonpacifico!

Instagram:  @eldestiempo

Instagram: @eldestiempo

5 Ways to Drink Los Osuna Blue Agave “Tequila”

Sophia Boccard

Agave Mazatlan

Did you know the word “tequila” is reserved exclusively for the distilled spirit produced in the state of Jalisco, Mexico? Like champagne, cognac and other spirits, tequila has an appellation of origin. In honor of the U.S. National Tequila Day on July 24, we wanted to give a shout out to our friends Los Osuna Blue Agave for producing some of the best (not technically tequila) Blue Agave.

All five of the Los Osuna Blue Agave products go through the same initial process to get their desired outcomes. Each of the agave plants are cultivated for 7-8 years until their spines are removed and the piñas are transported to the distillery. Once at the distillery, they go through a four-step process, beginning with steam cooking the piñas in traditional underground ovens. This process helps transform the starch into fermentable sugars and soften the piñas to help ease the extraction of their juice, which is done by milling and mashing them, often using traditional methods.

Next, the sugar goes through its fermentation process to transform it into alcohol. Distillation officially completes the process, and the final product is obtained from the fermented musts. The two-step distillation process allows the rough product to consist of 60 degrees of alcohol per volume.  Once the product is obtained at 60 degrees of alcohol, the next steps are taken to determine the type of Blue Agave it will become.

Los Osuna produces five unique types of delicious Blue Agave products:


1.       Blanco
In order to successfully create a blanco bottle, the bottling process lowers the degree of alcohol to about 35 degrees by adding distilled water, creating the Blue Agave Blanco. These are typically not aged at all with the higher concentrate of distilled water to discern it from the rest of the products. The bottle is about 80 proof. Characteristic flavorings include citrus, licorice and pepper accents. 


2.       Reposado
To achieve the reposado, the white product is introduced in oak barrels for a period of 3-11 months, giving it an oaky aroma and flavors. The bottle is about 80 proof. Characteristic flavorings include floral, vanilla and almond accents.


3.       Añejo
For the añejo, the white product remains in white oak barrels for at least one year. The bottle is 80 proof. Characteristic flavorings include vanilla, oak, caramel and a hint of tobacco accents.

Vanilla Tequila Mazatlan

4.       Vanilla
This product goes through a very similar process as the reposado, and it is generally aged up to 11 months. With the addition of vanilla flavoring and additional sugar, the proof is brought down to 40.  

cinnamon mazatlan

5.       Cinnamon
Exactly the same as the Vanilla process, except with the addition of the cinnamon flavoring. Again, the added sugar brings the alcohol to 40 proof.

Mazatlán is World's #3 Destination for Retirees

Sophia Boccard

retire to mazatlan

Margie Gostyla /

This story originally appeared on


Known for its enchanting mix of beautiful sandy beaches, captivating centuries-old rich culture, and abundant nightlife, a revitalized Mazatlán is earning top honors from two independent authorities on international living and investing as cited recently by Forbes magazine as one of the top 10 places to retire abroad for North Americans.

“2017 has been an amazing year of resurgence for Mazatlán, with a big spike in international tourism, as well as a steady flow of new visitors ready to call this famous Mexican coastal resort home,” said Marco Antonio Garcia Castro, Secretary of Tourism for the State of Sinaloa. “We welcome North Americans to join the tens of thousands of expats enjoying a relaxed and cost-effective life here in Mazatlán,” he added.

The August 6th Forbes article, “The Surprising Top 10 List of Best Places to Retire Abroad,” features high praise for Mazatlán from both Live and Invest Overseas and International Living – two industry insiders in overseas investment and retirement living. Forbes placed Mazatlán third on its list, behind Portugal's Algarve Region and Valletta, Malta.

Home to more than 12 miles of golden shoreline, Mazatlán offers idyllic year-round tropical weather, first-class amenities and infrastructure, and an active lifestyle for older adults who embrace a "young at heart" mindset. Many expats embrace living like a local, enjoying the laid-back living and city life surrounding the Historic District's Plaza Machado, which offers magnificent sidewalk cafes, up-and-coming gastronomy, local arts and crafts, and a diverse theater culture.

“Mazatlán is enjoying a renaissance, and many are returning here to savor a burgeoning culture scene rich with the arts,” said Rafael Lizárraga Favela, Undersecretary of Tourism for the state. “Whether you are an empty-nest couple looking to slow your pace of life, or a prior snowbird visitor looking to make a permanent change to our incredible year-round tropical climate, you can find value and a quality of life here in our colonial city on the beach that includes luxury living, endless activities, and a booming culinary scene,” he added.

For more information about Mazatlán, visit

About Mazatlán
Mazatlán is a Mexican resort town along the Pacific Ocean. Founded in 1571, its Historic District, 19th-century landmarks include the performance hall Teatro Ángela Peralta and the towering Immaculate Conception Basilica. Sandy beaches line its 4 mile-long malecón (boardwalk), the newly developed Nuevo Mazatlán area where two marinas and two professional golf courses sit, and the modern district of Zona Dorada which is known for nightlife and hotels to suit any budget. Old villages with its unique charm such as El Quelite, Concordia, Copala and El Rosario surround Mazatlán and guided tours are available from all hotels. Direct air service is available to Mazatlán from most US and Canada markets.

Contact Author
Margie Gostyla
Mazatlan Tourism Board
+1 (310) 324-9155 Ext: 14

A Guide to Eating in Mazatlan Right Now

Sophia Boccard

A Mazatleco’s Walking Tour Through Centro Historico

Eating in Mazatlan

If you find yourself making a trip to Mazatlan, the place to be is in the Centro Historico neighborhood. This is where you can eat your heart out at some of the best restaurants our city offers. La Nueva Cocina Mazatleca is the latest culinary experience, serving up delicious plate after plate of pure flavor.

Food is life down in Mazatlan with offerings of everything from seafood to gourmet dining. Here are a few of our local favorites. 

Casa Garcia | El Presidio
Best for: romantic dates and exquisite indoor scenery

Casa Garcia is tucked away inside a partially restored colonial house, and was formally owned by the chef’s grandmother. Come here for the ambiance and the ribeye and two glasses of wine with candlelight setting the scene. Make sure to book reservations as this is a popular place for celebrations and parties.

Casa 46
Best for: smaller tapas style plates; gourmet + fine dining

Instagram:  @casa46

Instagram: @casa46

This restored colonial home houses countless plates featuring faces of prominent Mazatlecos. Beautiful well-known lyrics from singer-songwriter Fernando Valades animate the walls and romance visitors. Opt for the balcony so you can view the happenings of Plaza Machado from above.

Best for: casual date night

A very popular spot for Americans visiting from out of town, this Minnesota-owned establishment has been a staple of Centro Historico for years. With an extensive wine collection, the ambiance is very relaxed and the complimentary guacamole appetizer always hits the spot.

El Ajibe de San Pedro
Best for: Spanish food and hanging out below ground level in an old cistern

Photo: El Ajibe Facebook

Photo: El Ajibe Facebook

Located in an old cistern, this place is only open from 5-10 p.m. and closes for most of summer. That makes visiting a must during peak season in Mazatlan to experience dining in a semi dark, semi-exotic restaurant with strange paintings and artwork. If you aren’t sure that you can make small talk, this is the place to go as the art will give you plenty of things to talk about!

Lucila’s Restaurant
Best for: breakfast with a side of Pacific Ocean view

casa lucila hotel boutique - lucila's restaurant

Located right next to the beach, this location is our favorite spot for breakfast or brunch. Sitting al fresco with an exquisite view of the Pacific Ocean is our preferred method. Some noteworthy favorites are: Huevos Rancheros, Lengua, Machaca con Huevos and the Chilaquiles. Go for a bike ride right after if you get too stuffed!

4 Reasons to Visit Mazatlan

Sophia Boccard

It goes without saying that Mexico has an extensive portfolio of incredible destinations. Glamour cities such as Cabo San Lucas, Cancun and Playa del Carmen provide the luxuries with high-end resorts.

Quaint picturesque villages like Oaxaca, San Miguel de Allende and Ajijic charm the pants off visitors. Large metropolises like Mexico City, Monterrey and Puebla provide an abundance of activities that once you leave, you’ll want more.

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Sun Country Airlines Offering Nonstop Service to Mazatlán from Denver

Sophia Boccard

mazatlan to denver flights

Sun Country Airlines has just announced a new seasonal nonstop service from Denver to Mazatlan, Mexico starting January 24, 2018 through March 7, 2018.

This will be a new international destination for Denver International Airport (DEN) into Mexico.

The new seasonal service will operate once a week on Wednesdays. Mazatlan ranks as DEN’s second-largest unserved market in Mexico with 6,000 annual passengers. Flights are available now for booking. Go to to make your plans today!

Mazatlan's Olas Altas Promenade Upgrades

Sophia Boccard

Mazatlan's Mayor, Fernando Pucheta Sánchez, announced last week that the beautification work to the Olas Altas promenade will become a pedestrian-only zone after 6pm each evening.

This effort will help revitalize the Olas Altas area of the Centro Historico neighborhood and to make the zone more tourist-friendly. 

Continued works on many of the streets in Centro Historico are underway and we are looking at most of the sections being reopened as the summer comes to an end. 

United Airlines Returns to Mazatlan!

Sophia Boccard

Houston to Mazatlan flights on United Airlines

Houston to Mazatlan flights on United Airlines

United Airlines announced on Twitter today that they will be adding two nonstop flights to Mazatlan, one from Chicago and another from Houston.

“We are pleased to offer the only nonstop service between Mazatlán and Chicago O’Hare and Houston Bush Intercontinental,” said Jake Cefolia, United’s vice president of Sales. “United has provided nonstop service from the U.S. to Mexico for the last 50 years and we look forward to serving Mazatlán, United’s 24th destination in Mexico.”

Seasonal, Saturday-only service between Mazatlan and Chicago will begin Dec. 23, 2017 to April 7, 2018. Houston will offer both winter and summer seasonal service beginning Dec. 21, 2017 through August 13, 2018.

We are so excited United is finally coming back to Mazatlan after a long time being away.