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Top 5 Instagram Picks This Week: June 12

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Many of the best photos of our hotel and restaurant come from you – our guests. We searched high and low on Instagram and found many incredible photos. 

Our top five Instagram snaps this week are to inspire, motivate and excite future guests for their upcoming stay.

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How to Be A Conservationist in Mazatlan

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Summer travel is usually reserved for hitting the beach and lounging around. This June, join us in doing something different. June is known as National Aquarium Month in the U.S., and we want to dedicate the entire month to learning about our eco-system and raising awareness about conservation as some of our local friends have done. This month, we honor them and the ocean life, located steps from the front door of our boutique hotel.

jellyfish mazatlan

Acuario Mazatlan, our neighborhood aquarium, is not only the largest aquarium in Mexico, it is one of the best in all of Latin America. Here you will find over 50 tanks, home to hundreds of species from sea lions, turtles, octupus, fresh and salt water fish, and even sharks! Immerse yourself In the Museum of the Sea where you can learn about life in the ocean, conservation, protection programs, and see their collection of marine life bones, shells and fishing methods.

fish mazatlan aquarium

Inside Acuario Mazatlan’s compound, there is a three-acre botanical garden that is not to be missed. With over 75 species of trees located throughout, there is also a crocodile pond, an aviary housing everything from macaws to roosters and a frog pond that includes 21 types of frogs.

frogs in mazatlan

Acuario is also home to several conservation and marine animal rescue programs. One of their largest is the Sea Turtle Conservation Program which has protected over 6,200 nests that subsequently liberated over 380,000 hatchlings in 23 years. Some of the other programs include the Brown Pelican Protection Program, Whistling Duck Protection Program, Macaw Protection Program and the Stranded Sea Turtle and Marine Mammal Program.

turtles in mazatlan

Our friends Onca Explora is a unique tour operator focusing on ocean expeditions that include whale and dolphin watching excursions, while also educating their clients about wildlife and conservation. Onca Explora is an eco-tourism business that began in 2006. They focused most of their time and energy into research of humpback whales. Since then, they have also identified more than 200 individual bottlenose dolphins while on their frequent expeditions.

humpback whale mazatlan

A follower in citizen science and a remarkable way to merge tourism with the study and gathering of data, Onca Explora makes sure to engage their clients in every aspect of their adventures. Monitoring and conservation activities are aspects of their wildlife adventures in which clients are encouraged to support the study of the ecology of the north Pacific population of humpback whales.

mazatlan aquarium

We invite everyone to learn the values and threats to biodiversity through wildlife research, education and community. Make sure to add a visit to Acuario Mazatlan and join Onca Explora on an adventure during your next visit to Mazatlan!

Why Now Is The Best Time To Visit Mazatlan

Sophia Boccard

visit mazatlan

It’s been a little more than 10 years since the ‘War on Drugs’ was declared by former President Felipe Calderon, and Mexico has had the pressure of trying to redeem itself ever since. Blow after blow, the country was hit with each outbreak: drug violence, Swine Flu hysteria, and hurricanes. Tourism in Mexico didn’t cease completely, as visitors were aware of possible areas to avoid, but also knew to look beyond the negative media coverage. Destinations such as Cancun, Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas saw minimal decrease in visitors, while cities like Mazatlan unfortunately struggled. Major cruise lines halted stops in Mazatlan in 2011, which caused a ripple effect throughout town. However, Mazatlan persisted in moving forward, improving and renovating from the inside out.

©  Daniel Danbom

©  Daniel Danbom

The last 10 years have seen many incredible changes for Mazatlan, and ultimately a transformation from a city of laid-back surfers and timeshares to a city rich with culture, music, art and gastronomy. No longer would we allow Mazatlan to be pigeon-holed as a singular destination, but rather a city with beautiful depth. Mazatlan is revisiting its traditions and roots by wholly embracing the new with the old, thus creating a revival rich with juxtaposition.


History is consistently in preservation within the Historic Center; one of Mexico’s few operable 19th century theaters is Mazatlan’s neo-classical gem, the Angela Peralta Theater. Built in 1874 originally as an opera house, it went through many manifestations, such as a circus, a cantina, a cinema and a boxing arena. Today, incredible productions are performed at the landmark, and consist of anything from a ballet to a musical revival, proving that Mazatlan has established itself as a destination for high-quality acts.


Additionally, one of the oldest plazas in the city – the Plaza Machado – was built in 1837, and it’s a thriving cultural center today. Years of neglect caused the plaza – known as the heart of Mazatlan’s Historic Center – to fall into disrepair. In 2002, several organizations joined forces to enact the Historical Center Project to facilitate the restoration of the Plaza Machado. Today, visitors and locals alike can enjoy some of the finest sidewalk cafes, bars, art galleries and museums.


Next, Mazatlan’s week-long Carnaval – which is considered the world’s third largest Carnival, after Rio de Janeiro and New Orleans – begins February 23, 2017. The sheer magnitude of the celebration has grown exponentially in the last 10 years; 300,000 visitors attended in 2006, and 750,000 people are expected this year. In 2018, Mazatlan’s Carnaval will celebrate 120 years, having been around since 1898.

Instagram: @mazatlan_lifestyle

Instagram: @mazatlan_lifestyle

Finally, foodies and critics alike are making their way to Mazatlan to taste the city’s “new Mazatleca cuisine.” Mazatlan’s thriving food scene features flavors completely unique to the region, and an abundance of local produce lends itself to the farm-to-table craze. From the best street food tacos to spectacular fine dining, food is respected and revered in Mazatlan.


Mazatlan will always be our favorite place to be (we know, we’re biased!), and we’re passionate about sharing our home with others. Perhaps 2017 will be the year you add Mazatlan to your bucket list.

9 Most Authentic Souvenirs to Get in Mazatlan

Sophia Boccard


When you’re visiting Mazatlan, it can be challenging to decide on gifts to buy your family, friends, colleagues and even yourself! Instead of getting generic items like magnets or shot glasses that are sold all over Mexico (and the world), we wanted to help you find items that are exclusively made or produced in or around Mazatlan. Bring home something authentic and local to our community.



1. Pedos de Monja (Nun’s farts) or Coconut Marshmallows

These are not called Pedos de Monja much anymore, but more than 60 years ago when the Garcia family were first making these marshmallows, kids in town would call them Nun’s farts, and the name stuck for locals! These Suaves are coated with coconut, and are out of this world. You can buy these at any outdoor candy stand located throughout town or at the production location at German Evers #61, Norte, Colonia Centro.

Pacifico Beer

Pacifico Beer

2. Pacifico Beer

In 1900 a local businessman, Carl Melchers, wanted to create a beer that mirrored those from his home in Germany. Alongside German Evers and Jorge Claussen, he made a pilsner lager called Cerveza Pacifico Clara, known today as simply Pacifico. This is a staple and local to Mazatlan, and if you came by car or boat or are willing to check your luggage, bring back a few cases of Pacifico made here. The difference in flavor is similar to that of Coca-Cola made in Mexico versus in the U.S. You can buy Pacifico at any corner store market.



3. Jamoncillos

Mazatlan has got something much better than the very common Dulce de leche. Jamoncillos are primarily made in the outskirts of town, but you can find them at the Central Market. They are known as Mexican fudge even though there is absolutely no chocolate in them. They’re made by cooking down unpasteurized cow’s milk (yes, we said it, unpasteurized) with brown sugar to get delicious, little bite-sized pieces.

Tres Islas Microbrewery

Tres Islas Microbrewery

4. Tres Islas Microbrew IPA

We’ve got a new friend in town, and that friend is Tres Islas Microbrewery. Microbreweries have popped up all over the United States, Canada and Europe, but it’s a brand new concept in Mexico. Currently they feature three different beers on tap, but the IPA is worth going out of your way for. Fill up a growler with it, and make a promise to yourself not to drink any of it before you get home. Find Tres Islas at the end of Ave. Miguel Aleman towards the cruise ships.

Grykos Chocolate

Grykos Chocolate

5. Grykos Chocolate

In 1934, a Greek Temistokles Kollias opened up a refreshment shop on the corner of the Central Market at Benito Juarez. Named after the Greek word Grykos, the drink is a foamy mixture of chocolate, milk and ice. The Mazatlecos call it Esquimo. Buy the packaged powder to take home after enjoying a drink while you’re in town. Make sure to tell your friends to blend it all together with the ice to create the foamy drink that Mazatlan loves so much.

Photo from

Photo from

6. Onilikan Mango Liqueur

Onilikan was conceptualized when 10 friends came together, all with different business backgrounds and interests, to create an authentic product they could be proud of: a natural mango liqueur. They use mangoes and blue agave, both of which can be found throughout the state of Sinaloa, to create the liqueurs they are so well known for. Onilikan also makes a wide range of items from seasonal liqueurs and Mexican Triple Sec keeping with the Mexican flavors and aromas. While the products can be found in other parts of North America, why not get it right from the source in Mazatlan?

Cafe El Faro

Cafe El Faro

7. Café El Faro

Café El Faro is a small, corner coffee stand located on the corner of Mariano Escobedo and Heribert Frias. While the coffee beans are not from the Sinaloa state, the combination of the imported beans is mixed only by the owners of the coffee shop. They make everything from Café Americano to Frappés using only the best products. We should know as we exclusively use Café El Faro coffee at Lucila’s Restaurant. Take home a pack or two of ground or whole Café El Faro coffee beans for yourself or as a gift. We’re certain you’ll make trips back to Mazatlan just for the coffee.

8. Venados Baseball Jersey

The Venados de Mazatlan won the 2016 Mexican Pacific League Championship, and continued their winning streak at their second Caribbean Series. We are all fans of the team! Show your support and love for our baseball team, and bring home a jersey. Fun fact: to avoid taking time off from playing baseball during the year, many of the Venados de Mazatlan players are from MLB teams in the United States as they head South of the Border to keep up their performance during the off-season. 

senor frogs mazatlan

9. Señor Frog’s Clothing

Carlos Anderson opened the very first Señor Frog’s in Mazatlan in 1983. A clothing and restaurant franchise, Señor Frog’s has been a staple of Mazatlan for more than 30 years now. While there are locations around the world serving up dishes and selling clothing, it’s just not the same as getting an item from the town where Señor Frog’s was born. Señor Frog will always be intimately linked to Mazatlan. 

10 Years, 10 Valades: A Tribute

Sophia Boccard

2017 marks the 10-year anniversary of Casa Lucila’s opening, and we compiled 10 signature experiences – one for each year we’ve been open – to create a once-in-a-lifetime package, inviting our guests to celebrate with us. Each experience focuses on a unique member of the Valades Valdez family, including Lucila, Fernando and their eight daughters. Each family member is unique, and thus each element of the package showcases their individual talents and personalities in ways that are true to Mazatlan.

10 years casa lucila


We start off with the matriarch of the family, Lucila, of which the hotel is affectionately named after. As a guest in her home – Casa Lucila – you’ll enjoy accommodations in one of the eight guestrooms, as well as her recipe for panquekis – her version of the French crepes.



Fernando Valades, the popular boleros singer of the ‘60s and ‘70s, draws up the inspiration of singing and dancing, so we invite you to visit the Plaza Machado for an al fresco dinner while patrons dance in the square. Or, visit our neighborhood dive bar, Puerto Viejo, for some karaoke singing!



Conchita, owner and designer of Casa Lucila, and daughter of Lucila and Fernando, wanted to create a space for couples to rekindle or ignite their love for one another, just as her parents did throughout their marriage. Enjoy a private candlelit dinner for two on the rooftop terrace with sweeping ocean views.



Lupita, a seamstress and lover of the visual arts, inspires us to invite you on a visit to the Museo de Arte Mazatlan, followed by a tour through the area’s various arts and crafts boutiques.

Lupita Valades far right.

Lupita Valades far right.


Lety is the best baker of the sisters, so we invite you to take a private dessert-making class for two – including wine pairings – with Chef Pepe.

Lety Valades far right.

Lety Valades far right.


Comedy was Chayito’s calling. In honor of her playful spirit, spend an evening at the Mazatlan Comedy Club.



Esther is one of the best cooks among the sisters; craft some of her favorite recipes with Chef Pepe during a private cooking class for two at Lucila’s Restaurant.

Esther Valades far left.

Esther Valades far left.


Traveling and history is Marina’s favorite pastime, so Las Labradas, a beach site of petroglyphs, is a must-visit.

Marina Valades

Marina Valades


Lucy, nicknamed La Guera (the blonde), was the best storyteller of the sisters. Enjoy an in-room curated guide of the best things to do in Mazatlan upon your arrival at Casa Lucila.

Lucy Valades

Lucy Valades


Like Alma, once Queen of the Floral Games during the 1961 Carnival in Mazatlan, we want to pamper you at Casa Lucila’s Piccolino Spa. Enjoy a 60-minute massage of your choice.

Alma Valades

Alma Valades

Not to be forgotten, Lucila and Fernando had five sons. Stay tuned for Casa Lucila’s 15th anniversary to get to know the boys!