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10 Most Delicious Mexican Candies To Salivate Over

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10 Most Delicious Mexican Candies To Salivate Over

Sophia Boccard

mexican candy

Want a lollipop with caramel, salt, a little bit of chili flavorings and… lime? Unique textures and exotically wild flavors seem to embody what it means to eat candy Made-In-Mexico. Many of the Mexican candies have a hard body coated with citrus or tangy fruit pulps and spices. Going south of the border and want to give the candies a whirl but need guidance? Take a bite out of any of these:

1. The Indy Dedos Dulce Acidulado y Picosito candies are a spicy and sour tamarind flavored candy. Since you need to eat these with your fingers, you get the “dedos,” meaning “fingers” in Spanish translation.  

2. The Duvalin candy is a frosting that comes in both hazelnut-vanilla and strawberry-vanilla flavors. The candy’s slogan was once “No lo cambio por nada,” which means, “I won’t change it for anything”. Basically, this candy is perfect exactly the way it is!

3. Las Sevillanas Glorias are delicious soft candies that get their distinctive flavor from pecans and goat’s milk. A bite into one of these chewy, nutty goat milk caramels will make you think twice about American treats again.

4. Lucas Muecas are curious looking chili powder cherry flavored lollipops (a mouthful there!). They are scrumptious, sweet n' sour candies that are really fun to eat. The tangy chili powder will leave your tongue tingling with flavor.

5. You will find the De La Rosa Mazapan candies everywhere in Mexico – from checking out at the grocery store to seeing these individual pieces sold at department stores cash registers. It’s a delicious, sweetened peanut paste.

6. If you love anything with marshmallows, you’ll definitely find your candy soulmate in Paleta Payaso. Fittingly called clown lollipop, this sweet marshmallow confection is covered with chocolate and sour gummies used to give texture and features to the lollipop.

7. Did you know you can make candy out of the pulp of a tamarind? Well, it’s a lot more complicated than just taking the pulp out, but that’s essentially where the Pulparindo candy comes from. It has added flavors, such as sugar, chili powder and salt to round out the sweet and sour, salty and picante flavors.

8. The scrumptious and chewy Vero Pica Gomas Sandia are Mexico’s version of a gummy bear coated with chili and sugar to give it the extra flair it deserves.

9. The powdered wafer sandwich candies, Aldama Mini Obleas Con Cajeta are tasty and use 100 percent natural milk to round out their flavoring. These go exceptionally well with coffee.

10. The list would not be complete without a coconut-flavored candy. These individually wrapped candies are made with shredded coconut and have the appropriate food coloring needed to give you the presentation of the red, white and green Mexican flag that justifies its name, Bandera de Coco (Coconut Flag).