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A Love Letter To Melissa

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A Love Letter To Melissa

Sophia Boccard

When we first came across the abandoned building that now houses Casa Lucila Hotel Boutique, we knew that this would be the place for our guests to fall in love (all over again). With a vision of having a place for couples to go to, Conchita decided to create a boutique hotel that embodied that of an timeless European destination amidst the flavors and spices that comes with the territory of Mazatlan, Mexico.


Her inspiration to build a boutique hotel came from nothing else than the graffiti that lined the interior of the desolate building. Sweet love notes and tokens of appreciation littered the walls of the empty ruins. Instead of going through with her original plan of building another set of condo units, Conchita decided to take the risk and build a boutique hotel that paid homage to her mother Lucila. She also made sure to give recognition to each of her sisters by designing the hotel to only have eight rooms, thus naming each room after a sister of hers. Here was her moment to build a space that allowed locals and visitors alike to enjoy the intimate setting against a stunning backdrop of the Pacific Ocean. 

To Melissa, whoever you are, we thank you for being the subject of a graffiti love letter on the wall. We would not have heard our calling to restore the ruins into the boutique hotel that we have today had it not been for you. Your anonymous memory will forever stay in our hearts and we hope that each visitor to Casa Lucila Hotel Boutique will get to experience a part of their love story. Hopefully they will feel it in Lucila's Restaurant where the graffiti wall made its final resting spot behind necessary bricks to restore the structure of the building. 

We invite you all to come to Mazatlan and write your love letter here at Casa Lucila. See you soon.

Updated: February 29, 2016

What does the love letter to Melissa even say? See below our translated version: 


The best of life
Happened that day
I knew (it was night and
It became day thanks
your light)
You came into my life
Because when
we kissed
The tide and the world
It stops
In moment when your
lips (two flavors)
they give me the
ambrosia of the gods
I would like to ask you
if you want to be
my girlfriend.