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The Story Behind Peggy's Garden (El Jardin de Peggy)

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The Story Behind Peggy's Garden (El Jardin de Peggy)

Sophia Boccard


Have you ever lost someone close to you that once they were gone, it's been nothing but a quest to fill the void with constant memories of them all around you? Our family-run hotel has a lot of little details and reminders of individuals that mean so much to us. When I was constructing the hotel back in 2005 and 2006, I wanted to include certain qualities and aspects of specific individuals who helped guide and shape me today. 

peggy reilly memory

One little detail that often goes unnoticed by our guests connects us to a very special friend. If you walk through the hotel's main entrance, walk past the Reception Desk, and head on to the back of the hotel's courtyard area by The Alma Room, you'll notice a little sign that says El Jardin de Peggy (Peggy's Garden). The sign honors my dearest friend from California, Peggy Reilly, who championed us to open the boutique hotel back when we first purchased the property. 

Chris, Peggy & Terry

Chris, Peggy & Terry

Peggy was a dynamic woman and incredibly supportive friend and one who we called Family. She always had this zest for life and it manifested in her appreciation and passion for gardening, traveling, drinking wine, and eating delicious food. She wanted nothing more than to share her excitement and was our sideline cheerleader during the hotel's entire construction. 

Unfortunately, Peggy was also fighting a terrible disease, Colon Cancer. And while she always managed to keep up the good spirits and made every day seem like a sunny and bright day, her own health was deteriorating. 

Two months before we officially opened Casa Lucila Hotel Boutique, Peggy passed away. On October 13, 2007 we opened the boutique hotel and hung up our sign to share with our guests a little piece of Peggy. 

Today, we still believe that Peggy lives and thrives each and every day at Casa Lucila. It is in her memory we remind ourselves that life should not be taken for granted and to enjoy great food, wine, and fresh flowers each and every day. 

Me + Peggy

Me + Peggy

To my dearest Peggy, I miss your beautiful presence and will have you forever in my thoughts. 

love always,