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Photo Essay: Unfiltered #Sunsets from Casa Lucila

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Photo Essay: Unfiltered #Sunsets from Casa Lucila

Sophia Boccard

beautiful sunsets

One of the perks for spending all day at Casa Lucila is having front-row seats to some of the most spectacular sunrises or sunsets that envelope Mazatlan. There's something almost holy or spiritual when the sun is peeping out for the first time over the horizon or setting down to rest for the evening.  

All the photos below are untouched and unfiltered. This is as close to the real thing - without actually being there - that we can offer you. 


Regardless of the time of day, the view from the hotel is always inviting with the expansive sky swaying clouds up above.  


Some of the primary colors that fill up the sky are orange, yellow, pink and purple with a light mix of blue.  


There's always a sense of relaxation that comes to view when gazing out into the horizon fusing sky with water. 


Even on a day with overcast, somehow, the sun always finds a way to peer out of the knotted clouds.


The severity of the colors can dominate a person's reaction, rendering themselves breathless as they wait in anticipation as the sun continues it's downward trajectory.   


Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote: "The sky is the daily bread of the eyes." Of which, no matter what time of day you see catch Mother Nature's slowest moving vehicle, there's never a moment that you don't try to take a mental photograph of the view. 


When all is said and done, sitting back to catch some of the most beautiful views of the sun rising or setting, can give one the sense of enlightenment that there's more to life than being constantly on the move. Just take a moment to take it all in, you'll be grateful you did.