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Photo Essay: A Look At Our Wall of Improvement

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Photo Essay: A Look At Our Wall of Improvement

Sophia Boccard

It was Summer of '14 when we finally decided to give our massive white wall a much needed facelift. We knew that something needed to be done to give our restaurant a new vibrant feel, it was tough to figure out what we should do and how we could do this without spending an (absurd) amount of money.  


We had a simple layout for a simple establishment, but we knew we needed to do something different to bring life back into our family-run boutique hotel. 


Our 17hx19w wall of white shame featured five beautifully vibrant paintings by Antonio Lopez Saenz that somehow seemed dwarfed hanging on our massive wall. While we debated what to do with the wall, it only seemed natural to find better homes on other walls throughout the hotel's lobby for the exquisitely Mexican paintings.  


It was time to take the leap of faith and start construction on our new wall. We were going to do our own DIY with the help of local albañiles (mason workers) to put up losetas, otherwise known as the larger bricks to hopefully give our tall, wide and white wall some character.  


Off to work we went with the albañiles. We needed to chip away... and away and away and away... at the wall to allow for the cement to adhere to the brick tiles that we will be putting up. The bricks in the center of the wall is actually an effort to give the wall dimension so that the entire wall wouldn't just be exposed brick. You'll see what we mean.


Not going to lie, it took a looooong time for the chipping away to complete. If memory serves me right, our two week project was Week One, chipping away at the wall. Week Two, everything else.


Here's one our amazing local albañile coating the previously mentioned exposed bricks with cement so we can create a division in the wall space. 


Week Two went off without a hitch with our albañiles getting brick tiles up and setting into the adhesive. 


Almost done! 


Seriously... almost there!


COMPLETE! The brick tiles took a hot minute to set in place but the finished product was more than what we could ask for. 


Not only did we get a brand new wall that really gave the restaurant a new dimension without being a costly endeavor, we decided we could really improve the space by adding custom-made banquettes made by a dear friend of ours who is a carpenter whom I like to call Don Carleone because it sounds like his name, Don Canuto. Ok, it really doesn't sound alike but I started calling him that and the name stuck.  

There you have it. Our new wall went up without a hitch even though it was DIY. We hope you like our new facelift!