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Top 7 (Amazing) Brunch Spots in Mazatlan

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Your Official Travel Guide of Things to do in Mazatlan.

Top 7 (Amazing) Brunch Spots in Mazatlan

Sophia Boccard

brunch in mazatlan

We believe this statement to be true: Brunch is best served on the weekends.

However, we also believe it can be enjoyed Any Day Of The Week. We love Brunch in Mazatlan that much. Here are some of our favorite spots to enjoy an amazing meal in Mazatlan. These spots get our top vote and know how to do it right, every time.

Lucila's Restaurant

Lucila's Restaurant

Best Overall Brunch Restaurant
Lucila's Restaurant

We'd be lying if we didn't include our restaurant as part of the list of favorites! Naturally it's our favorite place to eat breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner. Have the chilaquiles or machaca con huevos to jump start your morning all the while enjoying our spectacular view of the ocean from our patio.


Best Traditional Mexican Brunch
El Mesón de los Laureanos - El Quelite

This is a bit of a trek outside of Mazatlan but if you really want to enjoy a traditional Mexican brunch that has a little bit of everything, from lengua to barbacoa, definitely take the 30-45 minutes drive out to the charming little town of El Quelite. 

Best Hole-in-the-Wall Brunch
Kelly's Restaurant - Villa Union
Carretera Internacional Salida al Sur km 1174

This tiny little hole-in-the-wall restaurant is actually a favorite among truck stop drivers and police officers. Kelly's serves it up right with a basket of Mexican pastries. If you want coffee the servers will bring you a hot cup of water and you can make your own no-fuss instant coffee right on the table.  
Best Brunch Cafe Style
Allegro's Caffe

Allegro's Caffe is located right off of the Plaza Machado and serves up a great cafe Americano among other specialty coffee drinks. Get the Poblano Chilaquiles... spicy!

Cafe Latte @  Lucila's Restaurant

Cafe Latte @ Lucila's Restaurant

Best No Pants Required Brunch
Looney Bean Coffee

The spirit of Looney Bean Coffee is that of a casual surfer spot. You'll find it filled with lots of locals and tourists alike who enjoy stop by with their bikes, rollerblades, or even surf boards to grab some grub with their cup of joe.  

Best Iconic Mazatlan Brunch
El Shrimp Bucket

El Shrimp Bucket has been a staple of Mazatlan's Historic Center for 50+ years. Gone are the days when Mazatlan was an up-and-coming resort town of the 1970's. Here you can get the typical Mazatleco meal while enjoying a partial view of the beach. 

Best Unlimited Mimosas Brunch
La Cordeliere - Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay

La Cordeliere only serves unlimited mimosas on Sundays with their all-you-can-eat buffets.  If you are lucky enough to get the chance to eat at their restaurants that is generally served for their guests only, make the trek over to Nuevo Mazatlan and make sure to wear some stretchy pants.