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6 Ways Mazatlan Will Steal Your Heart (And Make You Relocate)

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Your Official Travel Guide of Things to do in Mazatlan.

6 Ways Mazatlan Will Steal Your Heart (And Make You Relocate)

Sophia Boccard

Of all of the resort beach towns Mexico is known for, we’re looking at you Cabo San Lucas, Cancun, and Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan is authentically Mexican.  We have kept up traditions since the late 1700's and our local community is made up of families that have remained in town for hundreds of years (not an easy feat in this day and age). With hundreds of festivals, parties, events, and shows, sometimes even nightly, Mazatlan knows how to show both locals and visitors alike a good time. Any traveler who has ventured to Mazatlan knows that it’s a coastal town that offers so much it makes it difficult to ever want to leave.

1. The. Mariscos. Is. So. Good. (and I don’t even like seafood!)
Calling all non-seafood eaters to come down to Mazatlan and give the old fish taco a try. From ceviches to shrimp pate to the grilled marlin, seafood is the not the only thing Mazatlan cuisine has to offer, but it is the best. Known as the Shrimp Capital of the World, Mazatlan processes over 40 tons of shrimp every year, every restaurant you go to will most likely have shrimp on the menu.

2. Mazatlecos Are So Friendly.
Buenos dias! In Mazatlan, everywhere you go you’ll find yourself repeating “good day” to pretty much every person you see out and about. Even though Mazatlan can be considered a city to some with upwards to 500,000 residents, it still has a small town feel to it where everyone knows everyone else.

3. Stunning Beaches.
We’ve got over 20 kilometers of sandy beaches. From surfing to tanning in almost absolute seclusion, Mazatlan’s coastline offers a variety of beaches where you can fulfill your beach fantasy, whatever it may be.

4. You’ll Leave Quoting Poetry Found Throughout the City.
Graffiti can be a beautiful piece of art if it has a proper message and isn’t vandalizing someone’s personal property. Throughout the city there are many walls that are filled with graffiti poetry that speak of nothing else but love. Acción Poética Mazatlán is leaving their mark one poem at a time.

"A Poem Is Born In Your Smile"

"A Poem Is Born In Your Smile"

5. Fall In Love With “Not Tequila”.
A short drive outside the city is Los Osunas distillery where they make something that tastes a lot like tequila but because it’s not distilled in the state of Jalisco, Mexico, we need to call it something else. That something else is Blue Agave. And it’s the BEST mescal/tequila/agave out there. If you don’t like the taste of tequila, try the Vanilla Blue Agave and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at just how delicious it is.

6. Walk Back In Time.
Walking down Mazatlan’s refurbished Old Town is like walking through a mash up of a colonial town fused with neoclassical charm with some retro 70’s sprinkled on top. You’ll find remnants of days long past with hints of German, Spanish, French, and Aztec influences. It will give you some insight to just how Mazatlan was created by such an international community.