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Why Now Is The Best Time To Visit Mazatlan

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Your Official Travel Guide of Things to do in Mazatlan.

Why Now Is The Best Time To Visit Mazatlan

Sophia Boccard

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It’s been a little more than 10 years since the ‘War on Drugs’ was declared by former President Felipe Calderon, and Mexico has had the pressure of trying to redeem itself ever since. Blow after blow, the country was hit with each outbreak: drug violence, Swine Flu hysteria, and hurricanes. Tourism in Mexico didn’t cease completely, as visitors were aware of possible areas to avoid, but also knew to look beyond the negative media coverage. Destinations such as Cancun, Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas saw minimal decrease in visitors, while cities like Mazatlan unfortunately struggled. Major cruise lines halted stops in Mazatlan in 2011, which caused a ripple effect throughout town. However, Mazatlan persisted in moving forward, improving and renovating from the inside out.

©  Daniel Danbom

©  Daniel Danbom

The last 10 years have seen many incredible changes for Mazatlan, and ultimately a transformation from a city of laid-back surfers and timeshares to a city rich with culture, music, art and gastronomy. No longer would we allow Mazatlan to be pigeon-holed as a singular destination, but rather a city with beautiful depth. Mazatlan is revisiting its traditions and roots by wholly embracing the new with the old, thus creating a revival rich with juxtaposition.


History is consistently in preservation within the Historic Center; one of Mexico’s few operable 19th century theaters is Mazatlan’s neo-classical gem, the Angela Peralta Theater. Built in 1874 originally as an opera house, it went through many manifestations, such as a circus, a cantina, a cinema and a boxing arena. Today, incredible productions are performed at the landmark, and consist of anything from a ballet to a musical revival, proving that Mazatlan has established itself as a destination for high-quality acts.


Additionally, one of the oldest plazas in the city – the Plaza Machado – was built in 1837, and it’s a thriving cultural center today. Years of neglect caused the plaza – known as the heart of Mazatlan’s Historic Center – to fall into disrepair. In 2002, several organizations joined forces to enact the Historical Center Project to facilitate the restoration of the Plaza Machado. Today, visitors and locals alike can enjoy some of the finest sidewalk cafes, bars, art galleries and museums.


Next, Mazatlan’s week-long Carnaval – which is considered the world’s third largest Carnival, after Rio de Janeiro and New Orleans – begins February 23, 2017. The sheer magnitude of the celebration has grown exponentially in the last 10 years; 300,000 visitors attended in 2006, and 750,000 people are expected this year. In 2018, Mazatlan’s Carnaval will celebrate 120 years, having been around since 1898.

Instagram: @mazatlan_lifestyle

Instagram: @mazatlan_lifestyle

Finally, foodies and critics alike are making their way to Mazatlan to taste the city’s “new Mazatleca cuisine.” Mazatlan’s thriving food scene features flavors completely unique to the region, and an abundance of local produce lends itself to the farm-to-table craze. From the best street food tacos to spectacular fine dining, food is respected and revered in Mazatlan.


Mazatlan will always be our favorite place to be (we know, we’re biased!), and we’re passionate about sharing our home with others. Perhaps 2017 will be the year you add Mazatlan to your bucket list.