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How to Be A Conservationist in Mazatlan

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Your Official Travel Guide of Things to do in Mazatlan.

How to Be A Conservationist in Mazatlan

Sophia Boccard


Summer travel is usually reserved for hitting the beach and lounging around. This June, join us in doing something different. June is known as National Aquarium Month in the U.S., and we want to dedicate the entire month to learning about our eco-system and raising awareness about conservation as some of our local friends have done. This month, we honor them and the ocean life, located steps from the front door of our boutique hotel.

jellyfish mazatlan

Acuario Mazatlan, our neighborhood aquarium, is not only the largest aquarium in Mexico, it is one of the best in all of Latin America. Here you will find over 50 tanks, home to hundreds of species from sea lions, turtles, octupus, fresh and salt water fish, and even sharks! Immerse yourself In the Museum of the Sea where you can learn about life in the ocean, conservation, protection programs, and see their collection of marine life bones, shells and fishing methods.

fish mazatlan aquarium

Inside Acuario Mazatlan’s compound, there is a three-acre botanical garden that is not to be missed. With over 75 species of trees located throughout, there is also a crocodile pond, an aviary housing everything from macaws to roosters and a frog pond that includes 21 types of frogs.

frogs in mazatlan

Acuario is also home to several conservation and marine animal rescue programs. One of their largest is the Sea Turtle Conservation Program which has protected over 6,200 nests that subsequently liberated over 380,000 hatchlings in 23 years. Some of the other programs include the Brown Pelican Protection Program, Whistling Duck Protection Program, Macaw Protection Program and the Stranded Sea Turtle and Marine Mammal Program.

turtles in mazatlan

Our friends Onca Explora is a unique tour operator focusing on ocean expeditions that include whale and dolphin watching excursions, while also educating their clients about wildlife and conservation. Onca Explora is an eco-tourism business that began in 2006. They focused most of their time and energy into research of humpback whales. Since then, they have also identified more than 200 individual bottlenose dolphins while on their frequent expeditions.

humpback whale mazatlan

A follower in citizen science and a remarkable way to merge tourism with the study and gathering of data, Onca Explora makes sure to engage their clients in every aspect of their adventures. Monitoring and conservation activities are aspects of their wildlife adventures in which clients are encouraged to support the study of the ecology of the north Pacific population of humpback whales.

mazatlan aquarium

We invite everyone to learn the values and threats to biodiversity through wildlife research, education and community. Make sure to add a visit to Acuario Mazatlan and join Onca Explora on an adventure during your next visit to Mazatlan!