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A Mother First: Who Was Lucila?

Sophia Boccard

Lucila Valdes Tirado

Lucila Valdes Tirado

a mother, wife, chef
a trendsetter, survivor, muse
an influencer, educator, idol

Visiting Casa Lucila Hotel Boutique, it's only natural to ask the question everyone wants an answer to. Who is Lucila and why is there a boutique hotel named after her?

Conchita, the owner of Casa Lucila Hotel Boutique chose this name to pay tribute to her biggest role model, her mother, Lucila Valdes Tirado de Valades.

Lucila, wife to Fernando Valades, the famous Mexican bolero singer of the 1960s was a mother to thirteen children.

And while the spotlight often shines bright on Fernando Valades, Conchita wanted to find a way to share the story of her mother and decided on building a hotel to use as her medium in the very town Lucila (and Conchita) grew up in.

Lucila and Fernando Wedding Day

Lucila and Fernando Wedding Day

However, using a physical space to share a personal story hasn't always been easy, and it doesn’t always translate to visitors stopping by to learn more.

Even with some of Lucila’s favorite dishes featured on the menu at Lucila’s Restaurant (check out the panquekis!); both the signature cocktails and the guestrooms are named in honor of Lucila’s daughters; and there is an image of Lucila hanging behind the reception desk, many guests don’t get the opportunity to hear Lucila’s story and her love for Fernando.

One of the most moving qualities of Lucila’s was her admiration and love for her husband, Fernando, and his boundless love for her.

Lucila and Fernando met when she was 15 and he was 18; they fell in love instantly and got married just one short year later. The couple had 13 children and lived a blissful life in Mazatlan, later moving to Mexico City for 40 years, before Lucila became diagnosed with lung cancer.

Fernando and Lucila

Fernando and Lucila

Per doctor’s orders, Lucila was to rest and avoid stress. Fernando, an entertainer who traveled the world to perform, was devastated to find that his beautiful wife was suffering, with no cure to cancer in sight. 

He continued to travel and perform, but on December 13, 1978, he told concert goers in La Paz, Mexico that it would be his last performance.

Following an incredibly moving and heartfelt performance that evening, within moments of taking his bow, Fernando collapsed while exiting the stage. He was rushed via plane to a hospital in Mexico City, but sadly, he did not survive the trip.

According to legend, Fernando knew the incurable disease would soon take the love of his life, and he passed away of a broken heart.

Fernando Valades

Fernando Valades

Upon hearing the tragic news of her husband’s passing, Lucila was finally at peace with her expiring days; she passed away just a short few months later on March 18, 1979.

It’s said that she died gracefully, with a smile on her face, as she knew she would reconnect with her soul mate soon enough.

While their simple love story has a tragic ending, we wanted to share our beginnings and inspiration.

We hope to connect with our guests and welcome them into our family.

While our intimate boutique hotel doesn’t offer a private gym, an Olympic-sized pool or a custom smart phone app, we provide a truly personable and warm experience, and we’re honored to welcome you into our home.

Lucila with Fernando

Lucila with Fernando