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4 Reasons to Visit Mazatlan

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Your Official Travel Guide of Things to do in Mazatlan.

4 Reasons to Visit Mazatlan

Sophia Boccard

4 reasons to visit mazatlan

It goes without saying that Mexico has an extensive portfolio of incredible destinations. Glamour cities such as Cabo San Lucas, Cancun and Playa del Carmen provide the luxuries with high-end resorts.

Quaint picturesque villages like Oaxaca, San Miguel de Allende and Ajijic charm the pants off visitors. Large metropolises like Mexico City, Monterrey and Puebla provide an abundance of activities that once you leave, you’ll want more.

Then there are the gems like Mazatlan, hidden in plain sight yet overshadowed by the other destinations. As the only city in Mexico branded as Colonial City by the Sea, Mazatlan’s 500,000+ residents are anxious to share the beauty, gastronomy, natural resources and more with all those who visit.

Here are our top four reasons Mazatlan is next up on your bucket list.

mazatlan fishing boats

Former Fishing Village, Now Mecca

In the early 1930s, Mazatlan began as a simple fishing and hunting destination in the area known today as the Historic Center. This was a time when the likes of John Wayne, Ernest Hemingway, Rock Hudson, Robert Mitchum, Tony Curtis and many more were visiting the inconspicuous town.

Deep sea fishing, inshore fishing or even just bottom fishing are all experiences that a seasoned fisherman or novice can enjoy. With countless services offering all the best of fishing, Mazatlan is becoming renowned as the #1 destination to go fishing.

Or if you can simply just love to eat fish, here in Mazatlan it will always be fresh!

cathedral mazatlan

Rich with History Restored

Walking around the Historic Center of Mazatlan you will see many sides of the city’s architectural differences, from Spanish-style colonial single-story homes to French Art Nouveau buildings taking up an entire city block.

There are no shortages of beautiful and rich structures in the Historic Center.  Our top pick “hot spot” is the Plaza Machado, one of the oldest plazas in the city. 

Built in 1837 and financed by wealthy trader, Juan Nepomuceno Machado, the architecture on the buildings surrounding the plaza have French and Spanish influences.

Here, you can enjoy some of the finest sidewalk cafes and bars, art galleries, museums and secure a spot for people-watching while sipping a margarita. 

shrimp in mazatlan

Foodies, Meet La Nueva Cuisine Mazatleca

Foodies and critics alike are finally making their way to Mazatlan to taste the city’s “new Mazatleca cuisine.” 

Mazatlan’s thriving food scene features flavors completely unique to the region with an abundance of local produce lending itself to the farm-to-table craze.

From the best street food tacos to spectacular fine dining, food is respected and revered in Mazatlan.

estero del yugo

A Flair For Where The Wild Ones Are

Eco-tourism in Mazatlan and her surrounding areas are finally getting the recognition it has longed deserved.

With eco-preserves like Meseta de Cacaxtla, Deer Island or Teacapan, another notable park located in the Cerritos area of Mazatlan, Estero del Yugo, is just as easy to access as any of the beaches along the coast.

Spanning a little over 26 acres, Estero del Yugo contains both fresh and saltwater lagoons and is a flat yet dry, tropical deciduous forest. Because of its unique location on the coast, the land is home to over 200 species of both terrestrial and aquatic birds.

Nature lovers and bird watchers will be delighted with the easy access to Estero del Yugo without ever leaving the city.