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8 Things The Kids Will Love To Do In Mazatlan

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Your Official Travel Guide of Things to do in Mazatlan.

8 Things The Kids Will Love To Do In Mazatlan

Sophia Boccard

kids in mazatlan

For years, families have been coming down to Mazatlan to relax and play around in the sand. Now, the city has much more to offer than just visiting the beach. A fantastic city for the whole family to visit, Mazatlan has some fun activities that will, without a doubt, tire the kiddos out. Here are some of the highlights that are not only kid-friendly but parents will enjoy partaking in the fun as well.

Let’s Learn About Marine Biology

The Acuario Mazatlan, our neighborhood aquarium, is not only the largest aquarium in Mexico, but it is one of the best in all Latin America. Here, you will find more than 50 tanks, home to hundreds of species from sea lions, turtles, octopus, fresh and salt water fish and even sharks! The kids can immerse themselves in the Museum of the Sea where they can learn about life in the ocean, how to conserve, see how protection programs work and check out some a collection of marine life bones.

Splish Splash All Around

mazatlan swimming

Fisherman’s Monument is the unofficial divide between the Historic Center of Mazatlan and New Mazatlan. Directly across from the monument, there’s a waterpark for kids that is especially fun for the littlest ones. Water spits out at all times of the day and is guaranteed to make your little one squeal with delight. Not a fan of the water? Head next door to the playground – swings and slides abound.

Become A Citizen in Science

Teach your little ones why marine life is so fascinating by taking them on an ocean expedition that includes whale and dolphin watching, as well as a lesson about wildlife and conservation. Onca Explora is an eco-tourism business that began in 2006, and it is the best around. Initially, they focused most of their time and energy into research of humpback whales but have since identified more than 200 individual bottlenose dolphins while on their frequent expeditions. 

Wind Beneath My Feet

Of course, we had to include a beach activity because a vacation wouldn’t be the same without a little bit of surfing! With a wide range of shops, tours and classes for surfing, we suggest Quicksilver Surf School that offers up classes several times a day that include a surfboard, some sunscreen to stay protected and a cool shirt to take home as a memento. The kids will love rocking out on their boards! 

Curve Your Way On The Boardwalk

kids biking mazatlan

Have you ever heard of the EzyRoller? If not, this is a must-do with the kids – they will LOVE it. It’s nothing like riding a bike as you basically curve your way up and down the boardwalk. Mazatlan’s boardwalk is one of the longest in the world, so the kids will have nice long distance to tire themselves out. 
Caution: kids may love it too much and want one when they go back home!

Learn About the Locals

It’s time to take the kids to the Archaeological Musem of Mazatlan. Here, they can learn about the indigenous natives that once inhabited the area around modern day Mazatlan. Some of the tribes were known as the Acaxee Cahita, the Pacaxee, the Tahue, the Totorame and the Xixime. There are many crafts and artifacts, primarily the Totorame tribe’s, on display at the museum. Take the kids to learn about the original inhabitants of Mazatlan’s surrounding area and have them check out remnants of the carefully preserved items from the Totorame tribe. 

Dip Into Our Saltwater Swimming Pool

Are you afraid every time your kids even look in the direction of the ocean? Are they expert swimmers, but the ocean waves are too frightening for you to allow them to explore? In Mazatlan, La Carpa Olivera is a saltwater pool located in the ocean right off the boardwalk on the north end of Olas Altas Beach. The kids can slide down and enjoy being in a safe and protected saltwater pool, and you can breathe a little easier.

Squeeze In A Little Bird Watching

Estero del Yugo is Mazatlan’s very own nature preserve, located in the heart of the city. Situated on 27 acres of land, the preserve is jam packed full of wildlife. Lagoons, both freshwater and saltwater, and flat, tropical deciduous forest can be found with more than 1.5 miles of trails and wooden boardwalks. Take your binoculars, and see how many birds your kids can spot. There are more than 200 different species of birds, both aquatic and terrestrial, to check out.