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Sunsets: The Elusive Green Flash

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Sunsets: The Elusive Green Flash

Sophia Boccard

Photo: Juan Guerra

Photo: Juan Guerra

Mazatlan is known for her amazing and striking sunsets (check out our post about sunsets here). What most people don't realize is that sometimes an elusive green flash will accompany the sunset or sunrise. An optical phenomenon, the green flash appears above the upper limb of the sun's disk as it is it's final stages of setting, for the sunset. The atmosphere can cause the sun's light to separate out into different colors, thus emitting a green flash. Quite frequently, the green flash will grace us with it's presence from the stoops of Casa Lucila Hotel Boutique.


"Sunlight contains every visible color, each with its own wavelength. Light travels as ripples, with crests and valleys; wavelength is the distance between the crests. The shorter the wavelength, the steeper the ripples. Of the three primary visual colors—blue, red, and green—blue has the shortest wavelength, and red the longest. As sunlight hits Earth, blue light’s steep waves cause particles in the air to scatter it almost totally, turning our skies cerulean. The leftovers combine to create the sun’s yellow glow."

- By Mark D. Kaufman (Read full article here)


See Juan Guerra's stunning video of the perfect Green Flash Sunset.