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5 Ways to Drink Los Osuna Blue Agave “Tequila”

Sophia Boccard

Agave Mazatlan

Did you know the word “tequila” is reserved exclusively for the distilled spirit produced in the state of Jalisco, Mexico? Like champagne, cognac and other spirits, tequila has an appellation of origin. In honor of the U.S. National Tequila Day on July 24, we wanted to give a shout out to our friends Los Osuna Blue Agave for producing some of the best (not technically tequila) Blue Agave.

All five of the Los Osuna Blue Agave products go through the same initial process to get their desired outcomes. Each of the agave plants are cultivated for 7-8 years until their spines are removed and the piñas are transported to the distillery. Once at the distillery, they go through a four-step process, beginning with steam cooking the piñas in traditional underground ovens. This process helps transform the starch into fermentable sugars and soften the piñas to help ease the extraction of their juice, which is done by milling and mashing them, often using traditional methods.

Next, the sugar goes through its fermentation process to transform it into alcohol. Distillation officially completes the process, and the final product is obtained from the fermented musts. The two-step distillation process allows the rough product to consist of 60 degrees of alcohol per volume.  Once the product is obtained at 60 degrees of alcohol, the next steps are taken to determine the type of Blue Agave it will become.

Los Osuna produces five unique types of delicious Blue Agave products:


1.       Blanco
In order to successfully create a blanco bottle, the bottling process lowers the degree of alcohol to about 35 degrees by adding distilled water, creating the Blue Agave Blanco. These are typically not aged at all with the higher concentrate of distilled water to discern it from the rest of the products. The bottle is about 80 proof. Characteristic flavorings include citrus, licorice and pepper accents. 


2.       Reposado
To achieve the reposado, the white product is introduced in oak barrels for a period of 3-11 months, giving it an oaky aroma and flavors. The bottle is about 80 proof. Characteristic flavorings include floral, vanilla and almond accents.


3.       Añejo
For the añejo, the white product remains in white oak barrels for at least one year. The bottle is 80 proof. Characteristic flavorings include vanilla, oak, caramel and a hint of tobacco accents.

Vanilla Tequila Mazatlan

4.       Vanilla
This product goes through a very similar process as the reposado, and it is generally aged up to 11 months. With the addition of vanilla flavoring and additional sugar, the proof is brought down to 40.  

cinnamon mazatlan

5.       Cinnamon
Exactly the same as the Vanilla process, except with the addition of the cinnamon flavoring. Again, the added sugar brings the alcohol to 40 proof.