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A Guide to Eating Gluten Free in Mazatlan

Sophia Boccard

Guide to Gluten Free dining in Mexico

Traveling to Mazatlan and gluten averse? Generally speaking Mexican food is heavily corn based. However, because Mazatlan’s cuisine has strong French influences, it’s always best to ask the waiter if the dish is made with harina (white flour) or maseca (corn flour) when dining out. 

To simplify your choices, we’ve put together a list of items that are generally gluten-free (but as always, double check before ordering!).



First rule of thumb while getting breakfast in Mexico:

Always aim for corn-based meals, such as chilaquiles, a tortilla chip dish generally served for breakfast with eggs, or opt for meats like lengua (cow tongue) and machaco (dried shredded beef). Standards such as huevos rancheros are also served with corn tortillas.

Photo: David Boté Estrada (CC BY-SA 4.0)

Photo: David Boté Estrada (CC BY-SA 4.0)

What about lunchtime?

Lunch tends to get a bit more complex (hello, burritos!). Burritos are made with white flour and are NOT gluten free. In fact, burritos hail from America and are more Tex-Mex than Mexican. Tortas are often confused with the word tostada. Tortas are sandwiches made with bread, while tostadas are fried corn tortillas with delicious toppings. Because the names can appear similar, make sure you know which you are ordering.

Quesadillas are also another item that are generally flour based outside of Mexico. Depending on the restaurant and the amount of tourists that frequent the establishment, quesadillas could be made with flour or corn tortillas. It’s always safer to ask prior to ordering.

Image CC by  mccun934

Image CC by mccun934

Now for dinner – what should I get?

Tacos, tacos, tacos. Some of the best meals you’ll ever have are from street vendors or restaurants serving tacos. Made with corn, you can never go wrong with ordering a bunch of tacos and filling them up with pico de gallo and fresh pureed salsas to round out the evening. 



And now for the best meal of the day…

Gluten-free desserts are more difficult to find, since most cookies and pastries are made with flour in Mexico. Flan is probably the most iconic Mexican sweet to order, and you can’t go wrong with the Mexican version of the French crème brulee or Italian panna cota. 

Looking for specific gluten-free products, such as flour mixes or chocolate chip cookies shipped in from Canada or the United States? These three locations may carry what you’re looking for: 

Mercado Verde

Avenida de la Marina, Local 24e, Esquina Manuel Capetillo


Avenida del Delfín, Hacienda Del Mar

Comercial Mexicana

Calz Rafael Buelna Tenorio 128