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Holiday Shopping Ideas for the Bold Traveler in Your Life

Catherine Workman

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If you have a friend or family member that can be described as travel junkie, you know that they are always looking for ways to make their journeys safer, more comfortable, more exciting, and more memorable. Travel is a hobby that can be greatly improved if you have the right stuff. Here’s how you can make this holiday season a good one for the hardcore traveler on your shopping list.

Something to give them peace of mind

Probably the best thing you can give a frequent traveler is some peace of mind regarding the situation back home while they are away. Whether they leave pets behind or simply worry about the safety and security of their home, you can help put their mind at ease with the gift of a smart security camera. This will not only make their home smarter, but it will also allow them to check up on it from afar, as modern home security cameras are often linked up via smartphone app.

Something to keep them safe

If your traveling loved-one is adventurous, there’s a decent chance that they will wind up in a location without potable water. If that’s the case, they’re going to need to drink bottled/filtered water in order to stay safe. Some of the best water bottle options are those that are lightweight and portable (maybe even collapsible) for filling with filtered water or perhaps bottles that actually do the filtering for you. Check out some of the best options here.

Another option to help protect your loved-one’s health is a great pair of compression socks. These may not be the sexiest of gifts, but they help travelers with blood flow and prevent the development of a rare but deadly condition that travelers can get called a deep vein thrombosis.

Something to help them stay entertained during long travel

Even the most experienced traveler can get incredibly bored when doing the actual traveling part of their adventures - the flying, bus riding, waiting in airports, etc. One of the best gifts you can give a frequent traveler is something that will occupy their down time. One option is a portable gaming system like the Nintendo Switch or PS Vita. Another is an e-reader so they can take a handful of books with them without actually having to pack a handful of books. If you have a higher shopping budget, a proper tablet can provide gaming, reading, and video streaming. Here’s a good list of the best tablets and e-readers currently on the market.

Something that will make their phone more useful

Travel is one of those hobbies where you may need to fancy up your smartphone with a case that’s designed to do something special. There are now smartphone cases that serve as a backup battery, protect your phone underwater, serve as its own stand for movie watching, double as a wallet/passport holder, and even grip your phone and turn it into a more traditional camera. Check out some cool options here.

Something to help them keep track of all those cords

If you’re a modern traveler with a lot of modern equipment, then the amount of cords you’ll be carrying on any given trip can become maddening. An inexpensive but incredibly useful gift for a frequent traveler is a nice cord organizer or roll. Here are some good choices.

It can be hard to shop for a jetsetter, especially if you’re not a huge traveler yourself. It’s a whole different world - literally. If you think about gift-buying as a way to make their travels safer, more comfortable, and more convenient, you’ll be well on your way to finding the perfect holiday gift.

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