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Who Lucila Was To Me: Memories

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Who Lucila Was To Me: Memories

Sophia Boccard

casa lucila hotel boutique

As told by Lucila's niece Adriana.

If we’re lucky, we have that special someone who has or had the ability to inspire us to be the best version of ourselves. And we know that no matter what, the connection you have with that one person supersedes all other relationships. 

lucila valdes tirado

For me, it was Lucila Valdes Tirado, my grandmother.

One of my earliest memories of her was watching her cook pancakes. Grandfather would take us aside and convince us that we needed to ask grandmother to make pancakes, knowing that if the kids asked, she would make it!

lucila valdes tirado

Her passion was to cook and provide for her children and grandchildren. She gave us tasks, and had everyone help with whatever she was working on, whether it was making leche quemado or fresh tortillas.

I must admit that I feel luckiest of all the grandchildren. As one of the eldest of her grandchildren, I had the unique opportunity to be graced with such beauty from a woman who, even when she was cross, had an eternally youthful smile.  

Though the years I had with her was cut short when she passed at the young age of 56, she was perfect. My perfect grandmother, Lucila Valdes Tirado.