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Holiday Shopping Ideas for the Bold Traveler in Your Life

Catherine Workman

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If you have a friend or family member that can be described as travel junkie, you know that they are always looking for ways to make their journeys safer, more comfortable, more exciting, and more memorable. Travel is a hobby that can be greatly improved if you have the right stuff. Here’s how you can make this holiday season a good one for the hardcore traveler on your shopping list.

Something to give them peace of mind

Probably the best thing you can give a frequent traveler is some peace of mind regarding the situation back home while they are away. Whether they leave pets behind or simply worry about the safety and security of their home, you can help put their mind at ease with the gift of a smart security camera. This will not only make their home smarter, but it will also allow them to check up on it from afar, as modern home security cameras are often linked up via smartphone app.

Something to keep them safe

If your traveling loved-one is adventurous, there’s a decent chance that they will wind up in a location without potable water. If that’s the case, they’re going to need to drink bottled/filtered water in order to stay safe. Some of the best water bottle options are those that are lightweight and portable (maybe even collapsible) for filling with filtered water or perhaps bottles that actually do the filtering for you. Check out some of the best options here.

Another option to help protect your loved-one’s health is a great pair of compression socks. These may not be the sexiest of gifts, but they help travelers with blood flow and prevent the development of a rare but deadly condition that travelers can get called a deep vein thrombosis.

Something to help them stay entertained during long travel

Even the most experienced traveler can get incredibly bored when doing the actual traveling part of their adventures - the flying, bus riding, waiting in airports, etc. One of the best gifts you can give a frequent traveler is something that will occupy their down time. One option is a portable gaming system like the Nintendo Switch or PS Vita. Another is an e-reader so they can take a handful of books with them without actually having to pack a handful of books. If you have a higher shopping budget, a proper tablet can provide gaming, reading, and video streaming. Here’s a good list of the best tablets and e-readers currently on the market.

Something that will make their phone more useful

Travel is one of those hobbies where you may need to fancy up your smartphone with a case that’s designed to do something special. There are now smartphone cases that serve as a backup battery, protect your phone underwater, serve as its own stand for movie watching, double as a wallet/passport holder, and even grip your phone and turn it into a more traditional camera. Check out some cool options here.

Something to help them keep track of all those cords

If you’re a modern traveler with a lot of modern equipment, then the amount of cords you’ll be carrying on any given trip can become maddening. An inexpensive but incredibly useful gift for a frequent traveler is a nice cord organizer or roll. Here are some good choices.

It can be hard to shop for a jetsetter, especially if you’re not a huge traveler yourself. It’s a whole different world - literally. If you think about gift-buying as a way to make their travels safer, more comfortable, and more convenient, you’ll be well on your way to finding the perfect holiday gift.

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Our Top 5 Favorite Instagram Accounts To Follow in Mazatlan

Sophia Boccard

With so many Instagram accounts to check out (as of May 2017 there are over 700 million monthly active Instagrammers), it’s so easy to get lost on the best Instagram accounts to follow when trying to follow local businesses in a new city. Here in Mazatlan we have countless of businesses that we want to call out and feature but we decided to dwindle it down to our top five faves. Check our friends out and make sure to give them a follow! 

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10 Years, 10 Valades: A Tribute

Sophia Boccard

2017 marks the 10-year anniversary of Casa Lucila’s opening, and we compiled 10 signature experiences – one for each year we’ve been open – to create a once-in-a-lifetime package, inviting our guests to celebrate with us. Each experience focuses on a unique member of the Valades Valdez family, including Lucila, Fernando and their eight daughters. Each family member is unique, and thus each element of the package showcases their individual talents and personalities in ways that are true to Mazatlan.

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Photo Essay: From Ruins to Boutique Hotel

Sophia Boccard

Casa Lucila Hotel Boutique began as an abandoned property that was once a mansion for a wealthy German family, built in 1823. While it started as a home to immigrants, the building experienced several incarnations and went through a handful of owners. Probably the most notable of identities, the building was once O'Brien's Seafood Restaurant, a Jazz-Age restaurant and club that was frequented by classic old-Hollywood celebrities like John Wayne, who owned a fishing boat nearby, actor Robert Mitchum, and author Ernest Hemingway.

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Antonio Lopez Saenz and His Brilliance

Sophia Boccard

Antonio Lopez Saenz, an iconic painter local to Mazatlan, has captured the flavor of our city and its people on canvas and through sculpture. Each piece of work beautifully portrays his greatest source of inspiration: the city of Mazatlan. Born in 1936, Antonio Lopez Saenz knew from a young age that he was destined to paint, and he has since mesmerized spectators with his talent. The characters in his work have no face, and the anonymous actors of each piece are known only to him. We are honored to display his artwork in a dynamic gallery, featuring rotating paintings throughout the hotel for visitors and guests alike to enjoy.

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Holidays Means Detoxing Time

Sophia Boccard

Yoga is finally coming to Casa Lucila Hotel Boutique as we are now offering a monthly class that includes meditation, as well as a healthy and nutritious breakfast. Our guests will begin their morning at 7 a.m. with a one (1) hour Hatha yoga session, followed by 30 minutes of guided meditation and a detox breakfast in the courtyard of Lucila's Restaurant, including organic, seasonal fruits, green juice and a varieties of teas. Bottled water, a yoga mat and towel are also included.

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Movember: 30 days of action to prevent men from dying too young

Sophia Boccard

The Movember Foundation is the only charity taking action to raise global awareness and address some of the biggest health issues faced by men: prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention.  Who knew growing a beard or ‘stache would come back in a big way?

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Lucila’s Restaurant Welcomes Cheryl Gaudet

Sophia Boccard

We’re thrilled to welcome Mazatlan’s best Canadian ex-pat singer-songwriter, Cheryl Gaudet, to Lucila’s Restaurant – located inside Casa Lucila Hotel Boutique – for a weekly music series, beginning Friday, Nov. 11. We’ll host a tasting party on Monday, Nov. 7, where guests can enjoy light appetizers and wine during a meet-and-greet with Gaudet.

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Top 5 Instagram Picks This Week: August 22

Sophia Boccard

Many of the best photos of our hotel and restaurant come from you – our guests. We searched high and low on Instagram and found many incredible photos. 

Our top five Instagram snaps this week are to inspire, motivate and excite future guests for their upcoming stay.

Got a favorite? Click the links to Like and Comment and give our guests props for their amazing picture taking skills!

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7 (Mostly) Free Ways to Stay Fit at Casa Lucila

Sophia Boccard


Going on vacation to Mazatlan and need to fit in a workout plan to your travel plans? Even though we don’t have a hotel gym, we are a very tiny boutique hotel, we do have a list of 7 great and (mostly) free ways to fit in a workout on your trip to Mazatlan.

SWIM IN THE FREE OCEAN POOL (yes, this is really a thing)
Need an Olympic-size pool? Forget that and train for your race by swimming in the ocean pool located just a short five-minute walk from the hotel.

pool in the ocean

Mazatlan’s beautiful historic center has been going through years of restoration that it is definitely worth walking around downtown to check out the beautiful renovations that have been popping up – our suggestion? Start at the beautifully restored Plaza Machado.


BIKE THE ENTIRE MALECON (ok, maybe this option isn’t free but it’s still fun!)
Bike on the second longest boardwalk in the world and longest in Latin America, with 4.5 miles (8 km), you’re bound to get a sweaty workout in. Go to our friends at Baikas steps from our hotel to rent your bikes for the hour or entire afternoon.


If steps are your thing and you really don’t feel like leaving the premises, fit in a quick but tough workout running (or walking) up and down the three floors at Casa Lucila. It’s time to feel the legs buuuuuurn and walk right past that elevator.


HIKE UP TO THE TOP OF EL FARO (walk, run, hike, step your way to the top)
There are over 325 steps to get to the top of the El Faro, and that’s not including the 15-20 minutes it takes to walk TO the steps. If you like climbing, there are some shortcuts up the side of the hill (or is it a mountain?) to get to the top faster if you want to test your adventurous side.


TREADMILL + WEIGHTS + GYMBAG = HEAVEN (ok, we’re being sarcastic here)
If you really must get yourself to a gym, there are a couple nearby. However may we suggest the great outdoors? Along the boardwalk you will find sections that feature jungle gyms that give you all the basics that mirror exercise equipment found at a gym. 

STRIKE A (YOGA) POSE BY OUR INFINITY POOL (at 7am you may have the whole top floor to yourself!)
If you’re an early riser and you want to feel one with the sunrise, take a spot by our infinity pool on the 3rd floor and get into your Downward Dog position while checking out the sunrise with the ocean breeze blowing through your hair.


After all is said and done, get a rejuvenating massage at Piccolino Spa and top it off with a glass of wine and a delicious meal at Lucila’s Restaurant. You deserve it.

A Love Letter To Melissa

Sophia Boccard

When we first came across the abandoned building that now houses Casa Lucila Hotel Boutique, we knew that this would be the place for our guests to fall in love (all over again). With a vision of having a place for couples to go to, Conchita decided to create a boutique hotel that embodied that of an timeless European destination amidst the flavors and spices that comes with the territory of Mazatlan, Mexico.

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The Story Behind Peggy's Garden (El Jardin de Peggy)

Sophia Boccard

Have you ever lost someone close to you that once they were gone, it's been nothing but a quest to fill the void with constant memories of them all around you? Our family-run hotel has a lot of little details and reminders of individuals that mean so much to us. When I was constructing the hotel back in 2005 and 2006, I wanted to include certain qualities and aspects of specific individuals who helped guide and shape me today. 

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Men's Bathroom Upgrade

Sophia Boccard

We've got a bathroom update for you! We finally decided to install individual stalls to the Men's Restroom on the ground level of Casa Lucila Hotel Boutique to accommodate more "traffic". This has been a long time coming and gents are finally able to share the restroom like the ladies have in their public restroom. We figured the gents were quicker at using the restroom versus the ladies so there would never be a need to wait in line. After a little one too many accidental walk-ins, we decided it was time to make it easier for everyone around, us included. 

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